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Manual installation of the BNC under Windows

You can install the BNC manually (i.e. by typing commands at a Command or DOS prompt) provided you have already installed DOS versions of the UNIX decompression utilities GUNZIP and TAR. Note that other popular DOS decompression utilities (e.g. Winzip, PKZIP) are known not to work and are therefore NOT RECOMMENDED.

You can download a ZIP archive containing the utilities you need from

  1. Download the archive, and unzip it to a folder called BNC-WORLD, at the root of a disk partition with at least 5 gb (FIVE GIGABYTES) space
  2. Insert BNC CD-1. Close the HTML startup message. Click the "Yes" button. From the BNC World splash screen, choose "Browse CD". You should see something like this:
  3. If your CD ROM is called drive D, and you want to install the BNC and SARA on the current drive, in a folder called BNC-WORLD, proceed to step 4. If not, you will need to edit the two BAT files provided. For example, if your CD ROM drive is actually called drive E, proceed as follows:
    • using your favourite text editor (e.g. NOTEPAD), open file DO_CD1.BAT, and change each occurrence of D: to E:
    • save the file
    Repeat the procedure for file DO_CD2.BAT If you don't know what you're doing, ask someone who understands MS-DOS commands!
  4. Now open a DOS window (or command prompt) and type the following commands:
       CD \BNC-WORLD 
    NB: This is not a speedy process. It will take AT LEAST 40 minutes during which it will look as if nothing is happening quite a lot of the time.
  5. Eventually, after many filenames have scrolled past, you will get another DOS prompt. This means it's time to load the second CD... so you'll need to eject the one that's currently in the drive. Make sure all disk activity has finished before you attempt this!

    If you click the "Browse CD" button again, you should see something like this:

  6. Return to your DOS window (or command prompt) and type
       CD \BNC-WORLD
    This will also take at least 40 minutes....
  7. Finally, you should install the SARA software itself. You could do this by unpacking the SARA.TAR.GZ archive from the CD in the same way, but this will give you a less up to date version of the client. We recommend instead that you download and install the most recent version from